About Us

  • Management – Over 30 years combined experience in the
    Standards industry.
  • Technically Adept – We can quickly customize your program.
  • Hundreds of Projects – From large mailings to personalized projects using variable data print.

Comm 2000 is an aggregator and distributor of content for organizations. We specialize in creating web sites and databases to manage our client’s content, and then handle the daily transactional requirements of providing documents to your end-user customers. With special knowledge in the distribution of standards, we have developed both electronic file distribution and rapid delivery of your hard copy documents. All documents are delivered in a secure and cost-effective manner.

Today, Comm 2000 is the standards content manager for Underwriters Labortories, as well as the administrator of the Standards Certification Content Library program, where more than 47,000 users have access to UL standards. In addition, Comm 2000 is the distribution resource behind the delivery of ten on-line courses delivered to thousands of users for IP Shield and SES - The Society for Standards Professionals.

When you need the ability to handle thousands of users requesting individual pieces of content on a transactional basis every day, you need Comm 2000.




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